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Tape has been the predominant media for backups, but restoring from tape is slow and often problematic. Affordable network attached storage and online services are changing the backup landscape.

Netgear's ReadyNAS NV+
brings enterprise level storage technology to small business.

Disk storage prices continue to drop; and the speed and convenience of restoring from disk make previously tedious data recovery tasks trivial. If you are still changing tapes every day (and hoping the backup ran ok overnight), it's time for a better approach.

Contact CSP to review your backup plan and together we’ll identify a cost-effective solution.


Backing up your data...
is critical to protecting your business. We all hope you never need to learn whether that tape you use has what you need; but hardware failures, data corruption, human error, viruses and even natural disasters (floods, lightning) do happen. A good backup solution like that provided by CSP gives you peace of mind - confident that your computer systems can be up and running again in time to make payroll or get that proposal out on time. A good backup plan considers...

How much data?
With the costs of storage these days, it makes sense to back up everything. Tape speed and capacity limitations sometimes lead organizations to gamble backing up only ‘critical’ information (such as accounting data, contacts etc.) regularly; while seemingly less valuable assets (product pictures, videos) are periodically burned to a CD/DVD. When you consider how much that photographer cost, or the time spent collecting these digital assets vs. today's cost to back it up, this approach makes less sense.

Is the most recent document all you need? How many versions back should be kept?

Backup data only or complete systems?
Most backup scenarios duplicate your data. This is obviously important, but if you have servers or work stations with multiple applications installed or complex setups that would take significant time to re-create, it makes sense to perform system backups. A system backup enables you to quickly restore a machines’ functionality - INCLUDING ALL YOUR PROGRAMS - to a new or repaired machine.

Where is the data... Off-site?
Some organizations use ‘we take the tape home’ as insurance in case of real disaster (fire, flood, etc.). This works if you remember the tape, if it has what you need, if you can get a replacement tape drive that reads it. (...a lot of ifs). Beyond basic recovery concerns, you may be legally required to maintain data backups off site due to legislation (HIPAA, SarbOx) or contractual requirements with clients or vendors. CSP offers remote backup solutions assuring your critical information is accessible even in the event of catastrophe at your business location(s).

Contact CSP and we'll work with you to identify the best combination of techologies to help you sleep at night, knowing your data is safe, without breaking the bank.

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